Carlos Justiniano

Senior Technology Executive, Veteran software developer, Guinness World Record holder, and author. Currently: SVP of Technology and Head of Engineering at F45 Training, a global fitness company (NYSE: FXLV).

Member of the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) and IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

Hands-on engineering contributor with over 10,000 Github commits, averaging about 1000 commits per year.

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Voice / Text: (805) 768-4310


Past roles, SVP of Technology@EchelonFit, VP of Engineering@Flywheel Sports

Select Publications
  • (2019) CIO Review Magazine. A Glance into the Evolution of Wearable and Connected Fitness Read online
  • (2007) Advanced Intelligent Paradigms in Computer Games. Collaborated with Dr. Colin Frayn on a chapter on ChessBrain for the Studies in Computational Intelligence series, Vol. 71. ISBN: 978-3-540-72704-0 Amazon
  • (2006) IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence and Games. ChessBrain II - A Hierarchical Infrastructure for Distributed Inhomogeneous Speed-Critical Computation. Presented at the 2006 IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence and Games. PDF
  • (2005) LinuxForum BoF. Tapping the Matrix: Harnessing distributed computing resources using Open Source tools. Presented in the keynote presentation at LinuxForum BoF 2005 in Copenhagen Denmark. PDF
  • (2004) International Conference On Scientific and Engineering Computation. The ChessBrain Project - Massively Distributed Inhomogeneous Speed-Critical Computation. Presented at the International Conference On Scientific and Engineering Computation in Singapore. PDF
  • (2004) IBM Developerworks site. Automate backups on Linux. This article focuses on secure network backups under Linux. PDF
  • (2004) O'Reilly P2P. I wrote a two-part series for the OpenP2P site on harnessing the idle processing power of distributed machines. PDF
Conference Presentations
  • 2020 RedisConf20, (virtual due to Covid). Creating a Model of Human Physiology w/RedisGraph This was one of the highest rated talks of the conference. video
  • 2019 RedisConf19, Pier 27, San Francisco. Using Redis to orchestrate cloud-based file transfers at scale. My talk focused on how we used Redis, Microservices and Serverless to perform a massive file transfer of CDN video content between Verizon EdgeCast and Akamai. Slides | Related blog post: Cloud-based file transfer at scale
  • 2018 RedisConf18, Pier 27, San Francisco. Building light-weight Microservices using Redis. My talk discussed how to leverage Redis to build microservice frameworks PDF | video This was one of the highest rates talks that year.
  • 2016 EmpireNode conference, Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian in New York City. My talk was on building NodeJS Microservices using an open source library I developed called Hydra. video
  • 2005 BoF Linux conference, Copenhagen, Denmark. I delivered the conference keynote presentation, entitled, "Tapping the Matrix". My talk focused on how Open Source tools are being used to build distributed computation projects.
Blog postsOther...
  • Co-founder of ChessBrain - a global chess engine, awarded a Guinness 2005 World Record involving distributed computation.
  • Featured as one of the firsts Redis Stars ( Rediscover Magazine on page 46.
  • Open-Source contributions: Hydra
  • As a certified Qigong instructor, I teach at Survivor Wellness and The Mindful Living Wellness Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • Select interests include: Qigong, Photography, Chess, and most recently piloting UAVs.

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