Carlos Justiniano

Senior Technology Executive, Veteran software developer, Guinness World Record holder, and author.

Member of the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) and IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

Hands-on engineering contributor with over 10,000 Github commits

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❝My professional mission is to create profitable products that positively impact lives by building, inspiring, and leading strong teams as a recognized hands-on contributor driven by identifiable, accountable, and measurable goals.


Email: |  Voice / Text: (805) 768-4310

Active areas of interests

  • Building strong teams. Technical leadership and mentoring.
  • Cloud-computing, serverless and containerized microservices, on AWS and GCP.
  • Application development using C#/Unity3D, Python, and NodeJS/JavaScript.
  • XR development using Unity3D and Blender3D for Mobile: iOS and Android, Desktop: Windows and Mac.
  • Web development using ReactJS. This site is based on ReactJS / GatsbyJS and deployed to the Gatsby cloud.
  • Knowledge engineering using textual analysis / mining, Natural Language processing (AI, using NLTK and OpenAI's GPT), and RedisStack (using RedisGraph, RedisJSON, RedisSearch).
Past roles

SVP of Technology and Head of Engineering at F45 Training, SVP of Technology@EchelonFit,, VP of Engineering@Flywheel Sports

Select Publications

Research publications are listed on Google Scholar.


  • (2019) CIO Review Magazine. A Glance into the Evolution of Wearable and Connected Fitness Read online.
  • (2007) Advanced Intelligent Paradigms in Computer Games. Collaborated with Dr. Colin Frayn on a chapter on ChessBrain for the Studies in Computational Intelligence series, Vol. 71. ISBN: 978-3-540-72704-0 Amazon
  • (2006) IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence and Games. ChessBrain II - A Hierarchical Infrastructure for Distributed Inhomogeneous Speed-Critical Computation. Presented at the 2006 IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence and Games. PDF
  • (2005) LinuxForum BoF. Tapping the Matrix: Harnessing distributed computing resources using Open Source tools. Presented in the keynote presentation at LinuxForum BoF 2005 in Copenhagen Denmark. PDF
  • (2004) International Conference On Scientific and Engineering Computation. The ChessBrain Project - Massively Distributed Inhomogeneous Speed-Critical Computation. Presented at the International Conference On Scientific and Engineering Computation in Singapore. PDF
  • (2004) IBM Developerworks site. Automate backups on Linux. This article focuses on secure network backups under Linux. PDF
  • (2004) O'Reilly P2P. I wrote a two-part series for the OpenP2P site on harnessing the idle processing power of distributed machines. PDF
Conference Presentations

  • 2020 RedisConf20, (virtual due to Covid). Creating a Model of Human Physiology w/RedisGraph This was one of the highest rated talks of the conference. video
  • 2019 RedisConf19, Pier 27, San Francisco. Using Redis to orchestrate cloud-based file transfers at scale. My talk focused on how we used Redis, Microservices and Serverless to perform a massive file transfer of CDN video content between Verizon EdgeCast and Akamai. Slides | Related blog post: Cloud-based file transfer at scale
  • 2018 RedisConf18, Pier 27, San Francisco. Building light-weight Microservices using Redis. My talk discussed how to leverage Redis to build microservice frameworks PDF | video This was one of the highest rates talks that year.
  • 2016 EmpireNode conference, Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian in New York City. My talk was on building NodeJS Microservices using an open source library I developed called Hydra. video
  • 2005 BoF Linux conference, Copenhagen, Denmark. I delivered the conference keynote presentation, entitled, "Tapping the Matrix". My talk focused on how Open Source tools are being used to build distributed computation projects.
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